Sunday, November 27, 2011


Been off traveling for months and months!  Because I was afraid I'd get down in the dumps when it was all over, I signed up for a rug weaving class starting the week we got home for good (or at least for now).  Whew~ Besides getting a good overview of many weft-faced rug techniques, I learned that you can't force a loom to do something it really wasn't designed to do. Even sandbags holding it down, metal strips weighting the beater, and my full weight leaning back to press that weft home just didn't make a light-weight loom into a rug loom!

Yesterday I started winding warp to get things going again.  I finished a 5.5 yard warp to do a 2 block, 3 colour set of towels on the Mac. Today I'll wind cotolin in 4 colours for some placemats to give the Harrisville a treat for trying so hard to be a rug loom, and this week I hope to re-thread a black and white warp on the Hammett (who is a rug loom!).  It's time the baskets of dismembered jeans became rugs.  Winter is here and I am really looking forward to some good weaving time.