Monday, February 7, 2011

Why 'Frigga's Loom'?

Well, Frigga is the Norse goddess of, among other things, weaving.  Seems appropriate, doesn't it?  

Now for the other reason.  As a 'plain' weaver who is learning new things, I make mistakes.  Lots and lots of mistakes!  And sometimes in an effort not to let what my dear hubby refers to as 'weaving language' get out of hand, I will invoke Frigga rather than a certain other word beginning with 'F'.  

We share our house with 3 border collies, 2 floor looms (that's Baird, my new-to-me Macomber in the photo, all decked out for the holidays), a table loom, and no sofa.  It went to make room for Baird!  Doesn't everybody think a loom is more important than a sofa?

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